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Statistical Data

Of the financial information submitted regularly to the BRSA by the institutions under the scope of the Banking Law within the framework of audit function, those having fundamental information feature are presented on this page on daily, weekly and monthly basis in the direction of the targets of transparency and informing the public. Furthermore, independent audit reports of banks, surveys on the expectations of high-level managers of banks on specific economic indicators, information on credit cards are also available on this page. İstatistiki Veriler
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Daily Reports Daily Reports
20.09.2017   15.09.2017 Daily Banking Sector Report
19.09.2017   14.09.2017 Daily Banking Sector Report
18.09.2017   13.09.2017 Daily Banking Sector Report

Weekly Reports Weekly Reports (e-bulletin/Interactive Weekly Bulletin)
27-10-2006   e-bulletin/Interactive Weekly Bulletin

Monthly Reports Monthly Reports
9/6/2017   Interactive Monthly Bulletin 2017 - 7
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