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Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets

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Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets
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Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 9, Number 1, 2015
Table of Contents
Estimating Deposit Banks Profitability with Artificial Neural Networks: A Software Model Design (Ferdi SÖNMEZ, Metin ZONTUL, Şahamet BÜLBÜL)
Financial Statement Manipulations in the Eyes of Banks’ Commercial Loan Officers: A Research in Sivas City (Mehmet DEMİR, Öznur ARSLAN)
A Research on Socıo-Economic Determinants of Access to Banking Services (Haşmet SARIGÜL)
Intraday Return and Volatility Structures in Borsa Istanbul and the Impact of Opening and Closing Call Auction Sessions(Eyüp KADIOĞLU, Güray KÜÇÜKKOCAOĞLU)
Sectoral Concentration in Loan Portfolio and Risk Relationship: An Analysis on The Turkish Commercial Banking Sector (K. Batu TUNAY)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 8, Number 2, 2014
Table of Contents
An Indicator Based Assessment Methodology Proposal for the Identification of Domestic Systemically Important Banks within theTurkish Banking Sector (Özge ÜLKÜTAŞ SAÇCI, Güven SAYILGAN)
The Impact of Foreign Bank Entry on SME Loans: An Investigation for Turkey (Arzu ŞAHİN, Hatice DOĞUKANLI)
Attending General Meetings of Listed Companies and Exercising Voting Rights: Practice, Problems Encountered and Suggested Solutions Following the Removal of Share Blockage (Saim KILIÇ, Ali ALP, İhsan Uğur DELİKANLI)
The Impact of Terrorism on Financial Markets: An Empirical Study (Ensar AĞIRMAN, Muhammet ÖZCAN, Ömer YILMAZ)
Impact of Intellectual Capital to Financial Performance of Multinational Firms in BIST With The Perspective of Resource-Based View and Stakeholder View (Ali ÖZER, Nevin ÖZER)
Corporate Diversificaiton, Group Affiliation and Firm Value: Evidence From Turkey (Elif Akben SELÇUK)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 8, Number 1, 2014
Table of Contents
Efficiency Analysis in Islamic Banks: A Study for Malaysia and Turkey (Ayşen ALTUN ADA, Nilüfer DALKILIÇ)
Bancassurance Applications in Turkey and its Dynamic Effects of Turkish Banking and Insurance Sectors (Necla TUNAY)
Trade Openness, Financial Development and Economic Growth in Turkey: Linear and Nonlinear Causality Analysis (Muhsin KAR, Şaban NAZLIOĞLU, Hüseyin AĞIR)
Foreign Direct Investments' Effects on the Balance of Current Account: Cointegration Analysis with Multiple Structural Breaks in Turkey, China and India Sample (İsmet GÖÇER, Osman PEKER)
Purchasing Power Parity for Emerging Markets: Evidence From Panel Cointegration Tests (Önder BÜBERKÖKÜ)
The Empirical Analysis of Budget Revenues and Expenditures in Turkey (Sevda AKAR)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 7, Number 2, 2013
Table of Contents
Classification of Turkish Commercial Banks Under Fuzzy e-Means Clustering (İsmail Hakkı GÖKGÖZ, Fatih ALTINEL, F.Pınar Yetkin GÖKGÖZ, İlker KOÇ)
The Overnight Currency Swap Rates and ISE Overnight Repo Rates (Doruk KÜÇÜKSARAÇ, Özgür ÖZEL)
Investor Sentiment Proxies: An Example of Closed end Fund Discount and Consumer Confidence Index (Serkan Yılmaz KANDIR, Gözde ÇERÇİ, Önder UZKARALAR)
The Relationship Between Inflation and Inflation Uncertainty Under Different Monetary Policy Regimes (Bülent DOĞRU)
An Empirical Investigation of the Uncertain Information Hypothesis: Evidence From Borsa Istanbul (Soner AKKOÇ, Nasıf ÖZKAN)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 7, Number 1, 2013
Table of Contents
Income Diversificaiton and Bank Performance: Evidence From Turkish Banking Sector (Ali Osman GÜRBÜZ, Serhat YANIK, Yusuf AYTÜRK)
Inflation Targeting in Turkey: A Story of Success? (Ergun ERMİŞOĞLU)
The Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Corporations and Evidence from Turkey (Ali Hakan MUTLUAY, Tuncay Turan TURABOĞLU)
Constrruction of a Regional Financial Inclusion Index in Turkey (Recep YORULMAZ)
The Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Futures Contracts: An Application on Turkdex (Hasibe ÖZGÜMÜŞ, Turhan KORKMAZ, Emrah İsmail ÇEVİK)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 6, Number 2, 2012
Table of Contents
The Determinants of Net Interest Margin in the Turkish Banking Sector: Does Bank Ownership Matter? (Fatih KANSOY)
An Analysis of Intraday Patterns and Liquidity on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (Bülent KÖKSAL)
Financial Development and Economic Growth: A Causality Analysis for Turkey (Orhan KARACA)
Liquidty Analysis of Government Securities in the Secondary Market and Recommendations for its Improvement (Mahmut KARA)
Investigating the Effects of Corporate Diversification Using the Berger and Ofek Methodology: An Application of Turkey (Emel YÜCE, Mehmet ÖZMEN, Yıldırım Beyazıt ÖNAL)
Financial Crises Contagion: Analysis of the Crise Contagion on the Conditional Volatility of ISE (Engin ÇETİNKAYA, Erdinç ALTAY)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 6, Number 1, 2012
Table of Contents
Credit Risk Macro Stress Test Model for Turkish Banking Industry (Ebru SONBUL İSKENDER)
The Analysis of the Relation Between Investor Risk Appetite and Stock Market Crises in Istanbul Stock Market Exchange (Erdinç Altay, Burçay Yaşar AKÇALI)
Are Bankers Successful in Forecasting the Direction of Credit Volume and Interest Rates ? (Defne MUTLUER KURUL)
The Effect of Short Term Interest Rates on Long Term Interest Rates in Turkey(2002-2011) (Ahmet ŞENGÖNÜL, Sabri GENÇ)
Analyzing Relationship Among Stock Markets of the US, Germany and Turkey with MS VAR Model (Emrah İsmail ÇEVİK, Nükhet KIRCI ÇEVİK, Serhan GÜRKAN)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 5, Number 2, 2011
Table of Contents
Banks Managers' Perception of Ethical and Legal Conduct in Emerging Markets During the Post-Crises Period: Evidence From Turkish Banking Sector (E. Nur ÖZKAN GÜNAY, Ayfer HORTAÇSU)
Testing Profitability in Momentum Investmen Strategy in ISE (Serkan Yılmaz KANDIR, Halime İNAN)
Efficiency, Productivity and Risk Analysis in Turkish Banks: A Bootstrap DEA Approach (Müge DİLER))
The Analysis of Socio-Economic and Demographic Factors Effecting the Risk Taking Behaviour of Individual Investor (Mehmet SARAÇ, Mehmet Burak KAHYAOĞLU)
Impact of Firm Attributes on the Efficiency of Brokerage Houses (Hakan AYGÖREN, M. Ensar YEŞİLYURT)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 5, Number 1, 2011
Table of Contents
The Effect of Financial Pressure on the Banking Lending Policy: A Review under the 2008 Global Crisis on the Turkey (Ekrem ERDEM, M. Fatih İLGÜN, Cüneyt DUMRUL)
The Effects of Real and Nominal Shocks on Real and Nominal Exchange Rates: The Case of Turkey (Ahmet Murat ALPER)
The Effect of Macroeconomic Factors on Stock Returns: A Study of Turkey and Emerging Markets (Güven SAYILGAN, Cemil SÜSLÜ)
The Effects of Currency Futures Trading on Turkish Currency Market (Arif ODUNCU)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 4, Number 2, 2010
Table of Contents
Determining Factors of Affecting Individuals’ Acceptance of Internet Banking with Structural Equation Model (Talha USTASÜLEYMAN, Kemal EYÜBOĞLU)
Interest Rate Smoothing Rule as a Short term Monetary Policy Tool: Theoretical and Methodological Approach (Burak DARICI)
Efficiency Measurement in Deposit Banks Using Data Envelopment Analysis and Data Mining (İbrahim Halil SEYREK, H.Ali ATA)
An Analysis of Time Inconsistency in Turkey with ARDL Method (Bora SÜSLÜ, Selahattin BEKMEZ)
The Legal Characteristics of Liability Arising From the Potential Damages for Third Parties due to the Ratings of Rating Agencies (Erkan EREN)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets – Volume 4, Number 1, 2010
Table of Contents
Banking Crises and Early Warning Systems: A Model Suggestion for Turkish Banking Sector (K. Batu TUNAY)
Uses of Variance and Lower Partial Moment Measures for Portfolio Optimization (Güven SAYILGAN, Arma Değer MUT)
A Comparative Analysis of Individual and Ensemble Credit Scoring Techniques in Evaluating Credit Card Loan Applications (Hüseyin İNCE, Bora AKTAN)
Shock and Volatility Interaction Between the Sector Indexes of Istanbul Stock Exchange (Ekin TOKAT)
Determinants of Capital Structure: An Analysis on the Largest 1000 Industrial Firms in Turkey (H. Aydın OKUYAN, H. Mehmet TAŞÇI)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets – Volume 3, Number 2, 2009
Table of Contents
The Effect of Interest Rates on Consumer Credit in Turkey (Mustafa İBİCİOĞLU, Mehmet Baha KARAN)
An Evaluation on the Determinants of Financial Development: Literature Survey (Hüseyin AĞIR, Osman PEKER, Muhsin KAR)
Alternative Approaches for Estimating Value at Risk (Mert URAL)
Volatility Spillover Effect from Volatility Implied Index to Emerging Markets (Turhan KORKMAZ, Emrah İsmail ÇEVİK)
An Empirical Analysis of Short Term Interest Rate Models for Turkey (Hasan ŞAHİN, İsmail H. GENÇ)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets – Volume 3, Number 1, 2009
Table of Contents
Predicting Bank Bankruptcies with Neuro Fuzzy Method (Birol YILDIZ, Soner AKKOÇ)
A Proposal of Settlement Power for Turkish Capital Markets (Saim KILIÇ, Ali ALP, Adem ŞAHİN)
Testing the Validity of Financial Liberalization Policies under the Framework of McKinnon’s Complementarity Hypothesis: The Case of Turkey (Aycan HEPSAĞ)
Investigation of Prudent Investment Hypothesis in ISE (Serkan Yılmaz KANDIR)
Unfavorable Business Environment and Foreign Direct Investment Activities of Turkish Manufacturing Firms (Harun KAYA)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 2, Number 2, 2008
Table of Contents
Financial Stress and Economic Activity (Stijn CLAESSENS, M. Ayhan KÖSE, Marco E. TERRONES)
CAMELS Rating System and Forecasting the Financial Failure in the Turkish Commercial Banking Sector (Murat ÇİNKO, Emin AVCI)
The Market Performance of Initial Public Offerings in the İstanbul Stock Exchange (Recep BİLDİK, Mustafa K. YILMAZ)
The Effects of Turkish Central Bank’s Interventions over Currency Rate Volatility (K. Batu TUNAY)
Dividend Policy of the ISE Industrial Corporations: The Evidence Revisited (1986-2007) (Cahit ADAOĞLU)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 2, Number 1, 2008
Table of Contents
Financial Stability of the Turkish Banking Sector (Münür YAYLA, Alper HEKİMOĞLU, Mahmut KUTLUKAYA)
Herding in Capital Markets: Analysis of Herding Towards the Market in ISE (Erdinç ALTAY)
Cointegration Relations Between Turkish and International Equity Markets and Portfolio Choices (Turhan KORKMAZ, Emrah İsmail ÇEVİK)
Do Big Investors' Trades Have Predictive Power? A Note on Istanbul Stock Market (Numan ÜLKÜ)
Legal Character of Permissions Which are Granted by BRSA According to Banking Law No:5411 : A New Permission Type in Turkish Administrative Law System (Emrah URAN)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 1, Number 2, 2007
Table of Contents
Prudential Regulation and Supervision of the Banking Sector and Banking Crises: A Cross Country Empirical Investigation (Aytül GANİOĞLU)
Model Proposal Towards Quantitative Evaluation of Customers' Demands for Mortgage (Nermin ÇELİK, Güven MURAT)
An Aggregated Information Technology Checklist for Operational Risk Management (Mehmet Zeki ÖNAL)
Grouping Emerging Stock Markets Based on Market Data (Ramazan AKTAŞ, M. Mete DOĞANAY)
Testing Quantity Theory of Money for the Turkish Economy (Özgür ASLAN, Levent KORAP)
Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets - Volume 1, Number 1, 2007
Table of Contents
The Predictive Performance of Asymmetric Normal Mixture GARCH in Risk Management: Evidence from Turkey (Atilla ÇİFTER, Alper ÖZÜN)
Concentration and Competition in the Turkish Banking Sector: 1995-2005 (Münür YAYLA)
The Bank Lending Channel In Turkey: Effect of Capital Adequacy Ratio (Cihan AKTAŞ, Bedri Kamil Onur TAŞ)
The Relationship Between Stock Prices and Exchange Rates: An Empirical Study on Emerging Markets (Erman ERBAYKAL, H. Aydın OKUYAN)
Determinants of Capital Structure in Financial Institutions: The Case of Turkey (Yakup ASARKAYA, Serkan ÖZCAN)
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